Wednesday, 30 September 2009
I've been pondering this (deceptively) simple triangular conundrum for over a month. I think I found it on Lolita's blog. I've posted it on Twitter, told everyone I know about it, mulled it over and over, but still I can't decide on the right answer.This is my life.The only real answer that's come to light is that it should be a square and the fourth point has to be SENSE OF HUMOUR. Which would


Monday, 28 September 2009
Can we talk about The Rachel Zoe Project now? Forgive me, I am the only one in my non internet life who watches and is obsessed with it. So apologies to anyone who isn't into it, the following will sound like gobbledygook and you'll just have to catch up. Last season was all about Brad and Rachel. This season the producers seem to have taken a more balanced approach, rather than going for the


Wednesday, 23 September 2009
An online replacement for Domino magazine? By and featuring its ex staffers? Prayers. Answered. A blog full of the inspirations for Where the Wild Things Are? (Like peering into Spike Jonze's brain.)I can't decide if this film might veer into schmaltzy Notting Hill territory, or if it's just the cheesy music at the end of the trailer. I'm willing to take the risk that it might be brilliant.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009
I had a funny realisation last night that Garance and Scott aren't my blog friends I haven't met in real life yet. THEY'RE FAMOUS. Although I'm aware of the rough size of their respective international readerships, with the Internet it's hard to tell - in the space of four years, only one of my friends here in London has even heard of The Sartorialist. All day I heard; "You're going to see the


Thursday, 17 September 2009
Things I wish I'd done (or not done) this summer:

*Gone swimming in the sea for longer than five minutes.
*Gone swimming in the sea in the south of France.

*Had more than one picnic.

*Had a beach bonfire/bbq.

*Put Duckie's roof down more than twice at all.

*Worn the bikini I bought in March for longer than 5 hours.

*Gone on holiday somewhere in Europe before it was too late / I was too


Tuesday, 15 September 2009
Derek Lam, Karen WalkerRebecca TaylorMarc JacobsRachel ComeyApparently some designers are as bored of the whole hard edged bodycon thing as I am. Look, no studs! No black! (OK, I have selectively neglected a lot of collections still proposing just that.) Does this mean that next summer I can be a purty lady and not an ironic '80s power vixen? OK, good!{source:}


Saturday, 12 September 2009
I actually really love this song. But what I always love about '80s videos is how quaint and amateurish they seem - full of hope somehow; like hey, let's put Nik Kershaw in a white suit and project images on it - it'll be really slick and futuristic! Bless. I much prefer this attempt to be creative, than how music videos ended up in the early 00s, the cynical age, where every "treatment" was


Friday, 11 September 2009
I was without internet connection for two days, which was a shame because I had some really mindblowing and important things to say about nail varnish.Due to my having to venture into the outside world and socialize during this time, I am feeling a little blurry today. In fact this morning I may have used the words my, mouth, feels and badger's arse in conjunction with each other. I'm not sure if


Monday, 7 September 2009
Julia R.R. is so cute in this video!I believe that the more beautiful images we're exposed to, the better the world is.I like reading blogs by fashion designers so I can delve into their brains. Oh - brainchild is my least favourite word - what's yours? {I found the ancient photo randomly on Flickr - can't remember where but I'm guessing it's royalty free}


Sunday, 6 September 2009
...makes beauty I like.{Yelena Yemchuk}


Wednesday, 2 September 2009
Oh my goodness, love is in the air! The previous ASK D.V. was all recession, mid life crisis and anxiety. Now look my pretties, it's all crushes on boys, lovers, weddings and tutus. Does this mean things are looking up? As mentioned in the previous post, due to the importance of matters of the heart I have referred not only to D.V. by D.V. (quoted in bold) but also to Diana Vreeland by Eleanor


D.V. will be fashionably late in responding to your tellement juicy questions. We had a little glitch with celestial communication yesterday (i.e. a powercut in the 'hood meant D.V.'s humble transcriber was unable to retrieve your questions). Also, owing to the nature of the questions mostly regarding matters of the heart, I have had to bring in/out?! the big guns: not only am I referring to D.V.