Thursday, 28 April 2011

From my Instagram pictures we can deduce that there is something of a red, white and blue theme going on in London this week. Also, many Union Jack flags, big and small, fluttering in the breeze and not a major football tournament in sight (or maybe there is, I wouldn't know).

I have inadvertently been very clever regarding THE WEDDING. For months I've been avoiding the news, newspapers (


Tuesday, 26 April 2011
The heatwave has faded and I with it. A cosy dinner at Spuntino would be nice tonight - it's exactly like a restaurant in New York except it's not, because they don't deliver (that I'm aware of). A nice pan of their mac n' cheese would be splendid; delivered by a bearded, tattooed chap on a vintage bicycle I'm sure. If they threw in a bottle of Bourbon, I could make use of it.

{My photos from


Thursday, 21 April 2011
Oh, I know, we're a bit late, sorry - Lola's been typing furiously while I lay prostrate on the sofa nursing a glass of red wine with a cold damp flannel clamped to my forehead. It's been one of those weeks, but it's Thursday, which means Friday in the context of this week so hooray etc - I can lie down even more tomorrow.

This week's kitties are tiny Pippin and Bobo: the sweet darlings of


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Yesterday, three friends and I went out for lunch in France and I Instagrammed our day for your pleasure (and mine). We drove to Wimereaux, fifteen minutes on the motorway from Calais, (if you're in a rush to make it for lunch as we were) to a hotel that had a (camera shy) resident cat manning the reception. At the restaurant there we ordered (from a human) a carafe of rosé, fish


Sunday, 17 April 2011
Blogs/tumblrs about women wearing mens/androgynous clothing. I approve.

Tomboy Style
Wearing the Pants
And I'm forgetting one I really like.

Two pieces of knitwear that need to be mine:

Colenimo Amelia jumper (AW11/12)

Hetterson Crenelle + patches striped jumper.

You asked for it!

Friday, 15 April 2011

I thought I would break the long silence just to let you know what's been cooking this side of town-

Yes, I will be blogging more and i will be blogging good!

And please notice the BIG little change on my blog banner- 

 (Ex-insider tells all the bullshit behind beauty. And other shit.) 

Yes!!!! I will be blogging about other shit as well- oh what fun!  

I do not want to spoil the surprise but the target date for loads more posts will be mid May- yes, that will be this year- 2011.

And would like to sincerely apologize for this long pause but you will see later that there is big work for what is coming soon.

See you soon and thank you for all the help and your patience gurls and guys!  This wouldn't be at all possible without you.



Uh-oh, sorry if i have been behind answering your comments. Dog ate my homework.

Oh, I will try my (aaargh!) darndest to swear a teeny bit less.  So let me leave you with this tiny cheat sheet I have- so help me gawd.  See you soon!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

You see, this is the kind of thing that happens when Miss L. Cerand is in town. Jewels laid out on a chair, climbing out of the window to drink champagne, a room liberally scattered with big vases of hyacinths and a copy of Vile Bodies on the bedside table, a Ladurée Saint Honoré Rose-Framboise split in half with a hairpin. Not pictured: a bar in Claridges I never knew existed


I'm so happy people have been enjoying the Bloggers + Cats series. Thank you so much for all the love, links, tweets etc. I've decided to make it every other week from now on though, so that this blog doesn't evolve completely into an online version of Cat Fancy magazine. This will mean I have more time to post about other important regular Lola Is Beauty issues like shoes, gallivanting, Paris


Tuesday, 12 April 2011
I trawled through one thousand, five hundred and thirty nine Etsy search results for "turquoise gold" so that you wouldn't have to...

Clockwise from top left: 
Turquoise & rose gold studs, Victorian baby rings, Antique Victorian turquoise and diamond ring, Enamel bangle, Red jasper and turquoise art deco ring, Victorian rose gold & white onyx earrings,


Sunday, 10 April 2011
I'm on that Instagram thing all the youngsters with itelephones are talking about. It is strangely addictive and thrilling actually - come, join me - I'm on there as lolaisbeauty. Or tell me if you're on there and I'll follow you, then we'll follow each other and have really long Twitter conversations about our favourite filters and how easy it is to set up, use and cross-post seamlessly on


Thursday, 7 April 2011
My iphoto now holds more folders of photos of other people's cats than would be easy to explain away to someone who happened to be browsing through it. I don't know how long I can keep up this intense cat freakery! Maybe I need to do a series on shoes to switch things up a bit. Anyway, Steevy has been waiting in the wings in his fur tuxedo for a while; I hope his nerves haven't got the better of


Sunday, 3 April 2011
From the age of 13, when I bought US Elle on holiday in Greece, I was obsessed with fashion magazines. I subscribed to British Elle from its inception with Sally Brampton as editor, and I still have my collection of Vogues British, Italian and French from 1991 - 2006 and Harper's Bazaar during the reign of Liz Tilberis (RIP). I would only buy The Face, ID or Dazed & Confused if I particularly