Pencil Pornication

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gurlz, if you are reading this blog because you seriously want to be smarter consumers and save money on cosmetics, read on.

However, if you are perfectly happy with how things are with the cosmetic world that having the right brand name is not only fun but helps your "self worth" and is therefore worth paying more for - then I suggest you skip this post of mine as it will break your heart.

Still here?
Good.  Happy that you stayed.

So ... I would like you to please take a look at your lip and eye pencils.
I do not care if they are cheap drugstore brands or the most expensive luxury brands out there.

Read where they are "Made In".

If I may guess, most will be made in Germany, some in France and some in Italy.

Know why?
I am sure the more observant of you (Caitlyn, Vozni:-) speaking of- Caitlyn, where are you? I miss you!) may have already their suspicions but I will confirm it here.
Ok, here is the deal-
Your make up brand, i do not care if it is Chanel, Boots, Coty, Avon, Body Shop, Beauty Godezzilla... whatever - do not manufacture their own pencils.  They all buy from the same suppliers.
There are about 3 major supplier of pencils worldwide.  And most brands buy the pencils from them. 
So can you get the same pencil that say, what Chanel has in another brand?
The answer- is yes.
The manufacturer does not give exclusive rights of a particular product to one brand.  So the very same product you find in Chanel can perhaps be found in the cheapest drugstore brand.  We just change the decor and the brand name.
But are all pencils made by the same supplier created equal?  
No, not all pencils created by the same manufacturer are equal.
Suppliers propose different textures and it is up to the brands to choose which texture and color they want.
Is a more expensive pencil better then?
No, deciding by brand name or price is no assurance that you are geting better quality.
SO how can you now know which pencil is better than the other if it is not a question of brand?
I will tell you soon.   
I am a biatch, aint i?
But the more important question- do brands manufacture anything at all?  
Take a guess.