You asked for it!

Friday, 15 April 2011

I thought I would break the long silence just to let you know what's been cooking this side of town-

Yes, I will be blogging more and i will be blogging good!

And please notice the BIG little change on my blog banner- 

 (Ex-insider tells all the bullshit behind beauty. And other shit.) 

Yes!!!! I will be blogging about other shit as well- oh what fun!  

I do not want to spoil the surprise but the target date for loads more posts will be mid May- yes, that will be this year- 2011.

And would like to sincerely apologize for this long pause but you will see later that there is big work for what is coming soon.

See you soon and thank you for all the help and your patience gurls and guys!  This wouldn't be at all possible without you.



Uh-oh, sorry if i have been behind answering your comments. Dog ate my homework.

Oh, I will try my (aaargh!) darndest to swear a teeny bit less.  So let me leave you with this tiny cheat sheet I have- so help me gawd.  See you soon!